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NOTE: if something in his history/personality says "Protagonist" it means he displays those behaviors regardless if it's Lest or Frey, if they're mentioned by name, it's something that only appears with that specific character.


Name: Shini
Contact Information: aim: plurk: RShini
Time Zone: PST
Characters Played: Ky Kiske, Kaito


Character Name: Dylas
Character Canon: Rune Factory 4

History: In some unknown time frame before the game proper, Dylas was a normal villager. The Guardian Dragon – Ventuswill, of the Wind – was growing weak, and in fear of what would happened if she were to return to the Forest of Origins, the mayor volunteered Dylas to become a Guardian, and stabilize the dragon’s body. He was locked up in a shed while they were working on setting up the ritual, but he noticed they forgot to lock it, and the guards are frequently absent.

At some point – Ventuswill caught wind of what they were going and went to visit Dylas, the two becoming fast friends, and she taught the young man how to fish. During this time, he realize why the guards were so light – the villagers regretted forcing him to become a guardian and had hoped that he would run away, but after befriending the Dragon, he was determined to go through the ritual to save her, even when she begged him not to - already seeing what happened with another friend ages ago.

The ritual was complete, and he became a Guardian Monster – the dark horse Thunderbolt and guarded the Water shrine.

Ages past, and the grief-strickened Ventuswill decided she had enough of her friends suffering for her continued existence and convinced the protagonist to investigate weird going ons where her Guardian-ified friends are at. The protagonist defeated Thunderbolt, causing Dylas to become human again, but to prevent him from trying to save her again, Ventuswill erased his memory. Without memory, or anyplace to go, he stayed in the town’s restaurant at the chef’s insistence.

Depending on protagonist choice and relationship building, Dylas eventually opens up and becomes friendlier - and will marry Frey if courted and have a child with her.

AU History: Long ago, shortly before the war on humanity and the Savior's act - there was a village not far from where Union is now. The villagers worshiped a Pokemon God, and Dylas was an acolyte of the temple. A thief from the outside broke into it one night and stole several gems from the statue of the god. Dylas was assigned to the watch that night, but he was overpowered and knocked out by the thief, who go away cleanly.

The people were upset, and feared the worst – especially when soon after they were hit by a deluge of rain that threatened to drown their crops. Convinced that this was the act of an angry god, they sought all sorts of means to appease it – including emptying their coffers to replace the stolen gems, and arguments raged over how best to guard the temple, for humans had failed to protect it. Then the Pokemon Gods declared war on humanity, which drove the fear to a fever pitch among the people.

Then Dylas discovered an old book within the library of the temple about several large, machines they had in storage, and took it to the Elder, certain this would help make up for his failure. It was difficult to decipher due to the technical jargon, but they learned that one of them somehow turned a human into a pokemon, and another places them into stasis.

Seeing that Dylas was the one who failed to protect the temple from desecration and the one who found the book, they decided to ‘give him another chance’ by shoving him into the first machine, turning him into a blitzle both as punishment and as a way for him to make up for his failure, hoping that having a pokemon that would by default be sympathetic to humans will save them.

As a Blitzle he ended up defending the village from both rogue humans and hostile pokemon until the Savior managed to plea for humanity's cause, causing the hostilities to cease. Time passed, and soon people forgot that their guard pokemon was ever human, leaving him trapped in his current state.

Then a series of earthquakes happened, each getting stronger. The villagers fled, but the Temple Elder feared for the temple’s sanctity, he placed Dylas in the stasis machine, so that he would continue to guard the temple even when no one was left.

He remained like that until modern times, when another earthquake broke the machine and freed him. Dylas was groggy from his long slumber and initially remembers very little of his old life. Only a fuzzy memory that he has to protect the ruins.

Canon Personality: Dylas is on the surface a prickly man and rather curt in how he speaks to others. While never intentionally outright rude, he is very blunt in how he speaks and due to his often poor choice of words - he sometimes says things in an insensitive matter and not realize it until he see the other person’s response to what he said. He also tends to be rather crass in his speech patterns.

This rough exterior is less to do with inherit meanness, and more that he is actually quite shy and quite unused to nosy friendly people. He is actually somewhat self-consciousness, one of his primary sub-events was that he felt that he had a terrible smile, and spent several days dragging the protagonist around so that he can learn to “Smile” properly (and getting a blow to the ego every time someone said his forced grin was creepy). When he confesses his love if romanced by Frey, he starts off by listing all of his faults and wonders why in the world she would even want him.

Once he gets to know someone, he becomes much kinder to them – even if he can’t properly tell them how exactly he feels. He’s shown to be protective of the protagonist, demanding to be brought along if they’re going someplace dangerous, and if the protagonist married someone else and had a kid, the kid will calls Dylas “Big Brother” and talk about how nice he is. He’s generally shown fretting over those he cares for, and once he threatened to attack a playboy that wouldn’t leave the Frey alone even if they’re not romantically involved. Then there is the fact that despite that he was forced into it, and was given every chance to leave – Dylas decided to sacrifice his happiness and normal life to become a Guardian to save Ventuswill’s life.

He’s also fully aware that he’s no good at showing affection or gratitude – the main reason he’s trying to learn to smile was so he can be a better waiter for Porcoline as a ‘thank you’ for taking him in, and if you read his diary, he makes a note to thank the protagonist in person for saving him from Guardian duty. Even when he and Doug become friendlier, they will still trade barbs and he’ll deny liking the dwarf at all, despite knowing the guy’s birthday and his favorite food. When being romanced, he would at first believe female protagonist is yanking his chain, and tells her to knock it off, then tries to deny his attraction to her before finally opening up.

Another thing he’s sensitive to is being compared to a horse – losing his temper if he perceives an insult, though he generally only berates the offender. While he doesn’t regret becoming a Guardian for Venutswill, he disliked the tenure and how he became one.
As his favorite hobby is fishing, he can be seen as patient in most things. He is also a hard worker – and is one of the few people who can keep Porcoline from eating all the food he makes. Dylas also has a competitive streak, even in contests he has little interest in, he still wants to place well – even if it’s just so he can rub Doug’s nose in it.

He’s quite stubborn – he’s the only Guardian who has two ‘turn red and fall down’ animations, making it looked like he was knocked out twice before getting up for a third time. This stubbornness carries on – between his insistence on becoming a guardian, refusal to stop his rivalry with Doug, and trying to do things on his own.

AU Deviation: As he didn’t have such a friendly relationship with the god of his village, and his appointed role was forced, he has no lingering sadness over his previous life, and no real desire to recover his memory outside of wondering what was it he was supposed to be protecting.

As he can still turn into a Blitzle on command – his attitude towards his animal form is more ambivalent. While he will still go off on anyone that calls him anything equine-related, he doesn’t hate the form itself – it’s just embarrassing for him.

Canon Abilities: Dylas displayed electrical powers – including a room-size blast of lightning that starts from Thunderbolt’s horn and spread outwards. However, he has low magic stat so they’re not terribly strong once he turned human. He was the only Guardian who has two “Knocked out” animations before he was defeated for good.

His abilities as a Guardian is never explicitly explained or mentioned, beyond some ability to telepathically share thoughts with people that I’m going to gloss over them.
Enlightened Abilities: Shiny Blitzle Shifter – Pure electric type. Due to the weird method used to turn him into one, he still has animal-like features in his human form.

To show his sheer stubbornness, he will have Endure as move, allowing him to hold on by the skin of his teeth in danger, but otherwise he will have normal Blitzle moves.

He also is a skilled fisherman, while nothing special; it just means he’ll end up with quite a few water-types.
Starter Pokémon: No Pokemon

Notes/Special Considerations: Basically I want to have Dylas introduced in a small log with one to three delvers investigating weird noises from the Masoleum area, finding the old shrine, beat up the berserk blitzle!Dylas and drag him back to the city.

To what lengths would you go to rescue your allies if they were lost in the wilderness? Any. What kind of ass just leaves their allies in danger?

What does the story of the Savior mean to you? The Savior...? I'm still figuring out what the hell happened then. The stories you tell about this person seem to say 'respect all living things'.

You are alone and bereft of your Pokémon allies, upon what strengths do you rely on to see yourself safely home? Hm... I suppose it's my will - if you can't will yourself to live, then no amount of power or strength can save you!

What would you say is your greatest duty, and why? Guarding. I know I was guarding something important, why else would I be there in the ruins?

In your eyes, what is absolutely unforgivable. Hurting someone that hasn't done anything to you, especially if they're my friends.

No Enlightened chooses their abilities - and not all are Enlightened. What type abilities would you most desire to manifest and why? You do realize I already have shifter abilities? Maybe a different form...

Third-Person: Dylas snorted as he stomps in place, and checked the warp band. Where were they?! He wondered to himself as he anxiously waited outside of Teeter’s. The clouds rumbled ominously – threatening to rain on him, but he doesn’t head inside quite yet. A brief glare was shot in the direction of a man passing by who seemed to be staring at him.

"Mind your own business!" Oh he longed for the day that no one gives his appearance a second glance. He found himself fidgeting even more until the stranger took the not so subtle hint and went off.

It’s just five minutes – but he’ll give them a piece of his mind if they kept him waiting any longer! His ears twitched at the first drops of rain, shivering at the sudden feeling as cold, staring out at the quickly emptying streets.

Another minute passes – then a form rushes up, holding an umbrella at an angle. An expression of relief flashes across his face before he forces it to harden.

“Oi! Where were you?!” Dylas barked, before letting out a quiet, resigned sigh. “But at least you’re here; now let’s get inside before you catch a cold.” He chided softly, tail swishing anxiously as he opened the door for the person. “You didn’t get too wet on your way over, did you?”


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